Summer courses to teach English for young kids

Summer courses to teach English for young kids

Summer courses to teach English for young kids
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OUR summer intensive and fun is all it takes young people to improve their English language skills and get to know new friends and gain skills to help them progress in the next chapter.
Our courses have been designed using the latest teaching methods based groups so characterized as pleasant and able to attract young people.
And these methods will help in building a strong academic basis and to promote confidence and fluency in English.
And will be able to young people through intensive summer OUR enjoy learning and get to know new friends, and most importantly, will speak English with confidence and fluency largest.
Your son will be able to in this session:

          Improve the English language skills of all
Gain greater confidence in speaking and writing

The development of language skills, which will give him a competitive advantage in the English language
 Learning at the hands of better qualified teachers.
The appropriate level for your kid
We offer different levels of capabilities and make our courses to the category of young people aged between 14 and 17 years are as follows:

  •      Introductory levels (1-4)

  •      Primary grades (5-8)

  •      Levels without medium (9-12)

  •      Intermediate levels (13-16)

How will you evaluate my son?
No formal assessment in summer courses, but at the end of the session will provide your son a special file includes business and skills that have been developed in addition to a report on the progress made and the skills acquired.

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