Japan has the second largest economy in the world and speak the Japanese language 130 million individuals around the world
    Japan consists of more than 3900 islands and known parks and mountains and also the magnificence of architecture
    Japan consists of 47 counties. These can be divided into the provinces on the basis of geographical and historical background to the eight areas , namely: Hokkaido and the Tohoku and Kanto and Chubu and Kinki and Chugoku and Shikoku and Kyushu - Okinawa . And unique to each region own dialect , customs and traditional heritage . For example , vary the Kanto region , which includes Tokyo for the Kansai region , which includes Osaka greatly in everything from food taste and even the type of traditional performing arts , and people enjoy the experience of difference and the comparison between them . Japan has a population of 128 million people.

    Japanese visa

    Japan Visa

     Visa Requirements in Visa Japan Visa Japanese visa Temporary visitors are not allowed to engage in any paid activities. Short term studies at Japanese language schools are permitted. Travelers, who change airplanes or ships in Japan, may be eligible for a transit visa, which allows them to enter Japan for up to 15 days for sightseeing purposes, before proceeding to their final


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